The EyeWriter

The EyeWriter (by Tempt1, Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Zach Lieberman,Theo Watson and James Powderly) is a low-cost eyetracking system originally designed for paralyzed graffiti artist TEMPT1. The EyeWriter system uses inexpensive cameras and open-source computer vision software to track the wearer’s eye movements.

The project has been recognized with numerous awards including the 2010 Prix Ars Electronica and the 2010 FutureEverything Award.EyeWriter was featured in 2009 at the CREAM International Festival for Arts & Media in Yokohama. TEMPT1 was also featured in 2009 projected on Kyoto City Hall. EyeWriter was part of the Talk to Me exhibit at MoMA on display from July 24 until November 7, 2011.