Augmented Hand Series

By Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue, and Kyle McDonald. A real-time interactive software system that presents playful, dreamlike, and uncanny transformations of its visitors’ hands.

Memory of Form and Matter

A sculpture exploring hybrid digital-physical forms. It combines algorithmically generated structures with digital simulations and animation.

Base 8

An exploration of the negative spaces and movements between fingers, hands and arms. Reflections through glass creates the illusion of a world floating in air.

The EyeWriter

A low-cost eyetracking system originally designed for paralyzed graffiti artist TEMPT1. The EyeWriter system uses inexpensive cameras and open-source computer vision software to track the wearer’s eye movements.

Decrypted Reflections

An interactive installation that explores light, space, and generative systems. An analog system of mirrors allows the visitor to manipulate the projected image, moving its broken pieces to create new structures, or explore the original form.

Waves to Waves to Waves

With specialized devices sensitive to changes in electromagnetic fields, detected changes are converted into electrical signals and a unique landscape of sound and structure is slowly uncovered.

A Cable Plays

A Cable Plays is an audio-visual performance where two performers take turns pinning bits of yarn across a game board. An augmented video reveals a world coming to life between the patterns.

Delicate Boundaries

This interactive installation imagines that the worlds inside our digital devices can move into the physical world. Small bugs made of light crawl out of a computer screen.