Waves to Waves to Waves


Created in collaboration with Damian Stewart.

Human-generated electromagnetic waves are traveling over, around and through us all the time. Wifi, cellphones, radio, and television broadcast all create electromagnetic fields that are ‘loud’ compared to the natural background, but imperceptible to the human senses. This invisible world is alive with activity that directly reflects our growing relationship to and dependence on, technology.

With specialized devices sensitive to changes in electromagnetic fields, detected changes are converted into electrical signals and a unique landscape of sound and structure is slowly uncovered. Snarling wires pulsate and grow in wild masses, cellular-like forms explode as bit torrents download files, and subtle reeds dance and dangle as cellular phone signals cross the room.

Created with the support of Medialab-Prado. Credits: Servando Barreiro, Carla Capeto, Mariana Caranza, María José Alós, Sergio Manuel Galán Nieto.